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Tempeh Salad Wraps Everywhere!

September 24, 2008

I’ve pretty much been surviving on these things.  It’s just steamed, cubed tempeh, with Vegenaise & hot sesame oil (a la Veganomicon), along with sliced green beans, grated carrots (both from Ethan’s dad’s garden) & cherry tomatoes (from my “garden”).  I think, now that I’ve given up the sugar, I’m finding that simpler foods are tastier & healthier.  Yum!


I also finished another book the other day.  Yet another Octavia book!

17.) Bloodchild & Other Stories by Octavia E. Butler

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  1. September 24, 2008 12:47 pm

    those look SOOOO good! they’re so pretty, too! i love it!

  2. September 24, 2008 12:51 pm

    I’m with Jessy! Pretty, and probably ultra tasty!

  3. theliberalvegan permalink
    September 24, 2008 1:12 pm

    You had me at vegenaise LOL. Sounds yummy! I’m impatiemtly waiting my copy of Vcon. I’ll have to try these this week.

  4. September 24, 2008 1:28 pm

    We make the sushi rolls from VCON with the tempeh with veganaise and spicy sesame oil ALL the time! This dish sounds great for that factor alone!

  5. September 24, 2008 3:37 pm

    Yes, sugar’s the killer isn’t it? I only have teeny, tiny bits here and there now, but it’s worse than giving up coffee…

    I’ve been addicted to tempeh of late. Absolutely love the stuff!

  6. September 24, 2008 4:16 pm

    i love tempeh wraps! they are so good!

    yours looks yummy too! 🙂

  7. September 24, 2008 5:37 pm

    tempeh salad is such a great meal! I like the color of yours, kind of orange-ish.

  8. September 24, 2008 10:47 pm

    Yes, plain and simple foods are the best…that is such a lovely meal 🙂

  9. September 24, 2008 11:53 pm


    shellyfish—They were pretty darn good. Thank you.

    theliberalvegan—I know, anything with Vegenaise is delish! The tempeh is from the sushi recipe in there, which is SO AMAZING. I just didn’t have time to crank it out.

    Virginia—I do too. It’s really the best sushi I’ve ever had!

    Lucy—Sugar is so addictive! For me, it’s best to just steer clear of it completely. I think tempeh addiction is quite healthy! :o)

    Tofufreak—Me too! Thank you.

    lisa—Thanks. The orange color is from the chili/sesame oil (and a little from the carrots). It’s so pretty in the bottle!

    sunita—So true! Thank you.

  10. September 25, 2008 6:43 am

    I love Vcon’s idea of mixing Veganaise with hot sesame oil…it’s genius! I’ve made that sushi loads, but I think I’m going to have to steal your idea and turn it into a wrap.

  11. September 25, 2008 7:40 am

    Mmm that’s a great sandwich idea! Veganaise makes everything amazing!

  12. September 25, 2008 7:53 am

    Thank you 🙂 Sometimes I think I’m on some form of vegan crack.

  13. September 25, 2008 8:49 am

    I could survive on these too. The’re pretty.

  14. Jennifer permalink
    September 25, 2008 9:37 am

    I wish I was a bigger fan of tempeh, because this wrap sounds delicious! Maybe it would work well with tofu or seitan???

  15. September 26, 2008 10:20 pm

    Carrie—I know! It’s so simple, but I can’t stop eating it in anything & everything.

    Jes—You’re telling me. I’m embarrassed about my Vegenaise intake. I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

    mihl—Aw, thanks. :o)

    Jennifer—It would probably be good with a really firm tofu, finely diced. Let me know if you make it! Now I want some…

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