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Field Trip to Tryon Farm!

July 30, 2008

For my Eco-Feminist Spirituality class, we took a field trip to to visit my professor’s friend, Hope Medford, a founder of the farm. It was the most beautiful place I’ve been to, not just for the look of it, but the idea behind the whole thing. You can read more about Tryon Farm & get directions to it on their website. It’s beautiful land that was saved from “development” by some very cool people. They raised enough money to buy the land (1.5 million dollars!), then gave it back to the state as a public trust, so it is open to everyone (except greedy scuzzbags who want to put condos everywhere). About twenty people live there, volunteering & working their asses off to teach people how to live sustainably & cooperatively. I seriously want to live there!

I took about a million photos, so if you want to see more, check out my Flickr page.

Here is my favorite building there, the Whale Tea House. The flaps were up on it, but Hope said that when the weather is not too great (like 3/4 of the year here!), the space can be enclosed & looks more like a whale with two big eyes. It was built with reclaimed materials & is used as a classroom several times a week for a nearby school.

Here are the beautiful Nubian goats they raise for milk. When my sister & I were kids, we also had goats–named Michelle & Ethel. We drank the milk & my mom also made the best raspberry yogurt from it. I love goats!

Since I’m a food person, I better show the cob ovens they built. Cob is a sustainable building material & is especially great for areas where wood is unavailable. It’s made from straw, clay & sand, plus water. The oven on the left was the oldest one & has begun to crack. Hope said that they have made so many pizzas in that thing! The one on the right is newer & pretty cute. The kids that live on the farm help make & decorate everything too. Plus, less than a week ago, Hope (a midwife) delivered a baby at Tryon in a water birth. How cool! My little bro was born at home with two midwives after my mom was in labor for 36 hours, so I know how amazing & strong women are!

I learned so much from this excursion & it’s inspired me in more ways than I can count. I love that people can resist the hustle & bustle bullshit that is the modern way of life here. There are other ways to live that are much healthier for ourselves & the planet! Please contact the kind people at the farm if you’d like to visit, donate, or volunteer your time. They’re such good people.

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