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May 25, 2008

So, I guess I majorly suck at this whole blogging thing. A lot of crazy shit has happened in my life lately, but I’m totally inspired and ready to get serious here. One cool thing…I am a vegan now! I’ve been a vegan before, but that was LONG AGO, when I was in high school, and before I even knew there was a term for it. I just realized how weird it was for humans to eat reproductive products from other species as a “food.” I think it’s been about six days since the change, and I feel great! I’ve been cooking a lot more and feel so much lighter and not as “blobby”, or weighed down, if that makes sense.

This time around, I’m not only going to blog about food-related issues, but also about things I feel are just as important, such as racism, sexism, global issues, spiritual well-being, and all sorts of serious, but especially momentous things. If you are just into food, ignore the rest, but I hope you’ll at least sample a bit of it without judging me too much. I’ll also have a list of books I really recommend, as well as links to information that I want others to know about.

Well, enough of my rambling! Here are a million pictures that I’ve taken semi-recently:

Sushi from Veganomicon. One has avocados, carrots, chives, & sesame seeds. The other has spicy sesame tempeh, chives, & sesame seeds. Absolutely delish.

Sushi w/carrots, avocado, chives, & sesame seeds.

Sushi w/spicy sesame tempeh, chives, & sesame seeds.

Here are some gorgeously glossy strawberries that I picked up from the Farmer’s Market at school yesterday. I couldn’t resist them once I’d seen people carting them around, like precious jewels, & ended up buying 1/2 a flat! This morning, I made my sister & I some cinnamon pancakes, heaped with sliced berries & maple syrup. Yummmm.

Here is a cake that I made for my dear friend, Sage, who was recently accepted to grad school in Sweden. It’s a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream (from “Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World”). For “authenticity,” it’s got a Swedish flag on top, says “grattis” (congratulations), and has Swedish fish swimming around the bottom! She was so surprised and happy that she went on and on about it all night. I love you Sage! P.S. Please ignore the shiteous lighting, as we were in our “office” at work, which is basically a windowless basement lair. Cheery!

Lastly, here is a picture of my Venus Flytrap’s flower. Weenus (that’s his name!) wasn’t supposed to flower, since it saps a lot of energy from the plant, but I was ignorant to his needs. Oops. So once I took this picture, I snipped it off, even though I felt evil and thought the whole event was pretty damn cool.

That’s all I can think of, but I promise I won’t be another 3 months before posting again!


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  1. Brooke permalink
    May 29, 2008 5:41 pm

    Found your blog from google, when I was looking for a vegan frosting recipe. I just had to say that is such a cute cake! You are really talented!

  2. May 30, 2008 6:48 pm

    Thank you, Brooke! I hope you ended up finding a recipe that worked for you.

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